Try your lunch at these restaurants and you won’t regret!

The sandwich idea was made popular in England in the late 18th century by the Earl of Sandwich, also known as John Montagu. However, although having a long history in England and elsewhere, the sandwich is now mostly a North American invention.


American fast-casual restaurant chain Potbelly Corporation is publicly traded and specializes in milkshakes and submarine sandwiches. Potbelly is a brand of stove that was established in Chicago in 1977. At their antique store in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighbourhood, Peter Hastings and his wife made the decision to start serving sandwiches to their curious, enquiring customers.

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Millburn Deli

Unsurprisingly, Millburn, New Jersey, is where Millburn Deli is located. This is a state that has an abundance of mom-and-pop delicatessens. But one deli sticks out among the others. The sandwiches have been flying out of this location since 1947, despite the tiny storefront easily being mistaken for a little old cottage. And Millburn Deli is unstoppable!

American Deli

The American sub sandwich is sometimes known as a hoagie or an American hero, just like the Italian sub. In contrast to the Italian version, which contained cured Italian ham and cheese, the American version places a stronger emphasis on deli meats and American cheeses. Typically, cooked chicken or ham slices, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise are stacked between toasty sandwich bread. Similar to grilled cheese, you can alter the dish by adding different proteins, sauces, and vegetables. However, you may use our straightforward recipe to learn how to make the traditional version if you’re interested.

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Most dishes and sandwiches are dominated by their house-made meats. Everything is stuffed to the gills with meaty calories, from the traditional mortadella to the Korean hog shoulder stuffed with kimchi. Crispy pork crumbs are all over their nasty fries!

We enjoy the mild spice of the lemon porchetta and pork meatball banh mi at Lardo. Both are timeless masterpieces. But be careful not to become too accustomed to a particular sandwich at this restaurant because they frequently change, just like the beer.